Advocate for Nutrition

Together we represent more than 7,000 individuals dedicated to nutrition science and research. Each of us can play a valuable role in advancing the Society’s public policy agenda, and ASN encourages your involvement!

Every legislative session, policymakers make decisions that shape the nutrition landscape and may impact you, your research, your employer, and your community, region, or state.

As a constituent and nutrition professional, you can provide valuable input to help guide decision making and make a difference!


ASN offers a wealth of resources to help members become advocates for nutrition research, in addition to sharing the Society’s formal communications to Congress and various federal agencies to serve as talking points for members. Regular advocacy updates are communicated via the Society’s Health and Nutrition Policy Newsletter, distributed semi-monthly.

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Legislative Action Center

Quickly locate your Member of Congress and also learn more about his or her voting record on biomedical research-related issues.

Become an Advocate Toolkit
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Advocacy Workshop Presentation

It’s critical that nutrition researchers get involved in public policy to ensure that policymakers understand how nutrition research influences global health and economies, and how legislative and regulatory policies affect the ability of nutrition researchers to successfully conduct research that will have a positive impact on public health.

Learn how to get your research considered for inclusion in the Dietary Guidelines!

Download ASN’s free tip sheet with 14 guidelines on how to get your research in front of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

ASN’s Committee on Advocacy and Science Policy wants to hear from you! If you have an issue that you believe the Society should consider within its advocacy program or any questions, please contact Sarah D. Ohlhorst, M.S., R.D., Chief Science Policy Officer at