Diversity in Nutrition and Health Sciences

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Complementing and enhancing ASN priorities to support the field of nutrition.

The ASN Foundation (ASNF) enhances the activities of our professional Society by deepening the ways in which ASN supports the field of nutrition.

The Foundation complements and enhances ASN priorities and activities through the dissemination and application of nutrition science and education to improve public health and clinical practice worldwide, and by advancing the Society’s role as a global leader in nutrition, health, and wellness.

This is accomplished through a broad portfolio of ASN Foundation activities including education, awards and scholarships, and recognition of lifetime achievement through our renowned Fellows program. The ASN Foundation raises funds to turn current challenges facing our field into opportunities that support the future generation of our Society.

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The ASN Foundation annually offers more than two dozen awards!

These awards and related financial support are more important than ever, and the ASN Foundation needs annual donations to maintain and grow our awards portfolio.

Serving the Field

The Foundation expands resources, drives interest in nutrition-related careers, supports early-career scientists and increases the skills, infrastructure, and resources of investigators, practitioners and institutions worldwide.

In 2021, our core fundraising priorities remained consistent, however the ASN Foundation also pivoted in response to continued challenges on ASN members from the global pandemic. They include:

  • Providing much needed Awards and Scholarships to the diverse spectrum of ASN members from students to lifelong investigators;
  • Enhancement of ASN’s Online Learning platform – more free webinars, and greater online resources for members;
  • Implementation of the recommendations and outcomes from ASN’s “Ensuring Trust in Nutrition Science,” an initiative to enhance the quality and credibility of nutrition research in both the scientific community and the public sector;
  • And, a NEW Diversity, Equity and Inclusion campaign launched in November 2021

A new strategic planning process is underway for the ASN Foundation to allow it to better serve ASN members and stakeholders throughout the nutrition science and practice community. by aligning the future efforts of the ASN Foundation with those of ASN 2028, we will be able to harmoniously serve and impact our future.

Enhancing Global Nutrition, Health, and Wellness

Advances in nutrition research and practice hold promise for addressing health challenges in the U.S. and the world, as illustrated by the Nutrition Research Priorities released by ASN. The Foundation will broaden the Society’s mission and scope beyond nutrition science, so that ASN can function as the authoritative global leader in health and wellness.

The ASN Foundation welcomes financial support from individuals and corporate partners interested advancing the Society’s current Research Priorities. To discuss options, please contact Keith Dillon at kdillon@nutrition.org.

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ASN Foundation Leadership

Board of Trustees Executive Committee

Catherine Woteki

Catherine E. Woteki, PhD
Iowa State University

Jamy Ard
Jamy D. Ard, MD
Wake Forest Baptist Health

Beth Mayer-Davis
Beth Mayer-Davis, PhD
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Beate Lloyd
Beate Lloyd, PhD, RD, LD
Health Strategies & Food Solutions LLC

Yvonne Maddox
Yvonne Maddox, PhD
TAThornton Foundation

Volunteer with ASNF

Many volunteers are needed to achieve the ambitious goals that ASNF has established! Volunteers are also needed to assist with nominating panels and selection juries for the ASN awards and scholarships.

If you are interested in learning how you can help the ASN Foundation meet its goals through your service or financial contributions, contact Keith Dillon, ASN Foundation Vice President at kdillon@nutrition.org. The ASN Foundation was certified by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization in 2013.