Support & Promotional Opportunities

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Educate, promote, and engage with the nutrition community

NUTRITION 2022 is now a year-round event and presents even more opportunities to support and engage with the greatest minds from around the world in nutrition science and practice. From hosting a Sponsored Satellite Program, to sponsoring a Deep Dive, to supporting one of ASN’s member community forums…there is something for everyone!

Opportunities to Educate

Sponsored Satellite Programs provide an opportunity for external groups – industry, commodity boards, trade organizations, government, other scientific societies, etc. – to share and discuss research findings with the nutrition science community in conjunction with ASN’s scientific meetings. Sponsored Satellite Programs provide attendees with additional educational/informational opportunities.

Deep Dives

Focused dialogues on emerging or pressing topics. Three scheduled throughout the year. Half day education session w/ lectures and focused discussions.
FEE: Contact ASN for additional details

Research Interest Groups

ASN’s Research Interest Sections (RIS) are vibrant scientific communities that are vital to advancing nutrition science. The sections conduct a variety of educational activities such as hot topic talks, interactive debates, case studies and more. ASN’s current Research Interest Sections can be found here. Sponsor benefits include: opening and closing remarks, promotion in all ASN meeting materials, logo displayed on meeting homepage.
FEE: $3,000

Opportunities to Promote

Banner Advertisement

Advertise your organization’s products or services on the NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE landing page
FEE: $2,000-$4,000 (only 3 available)

Exclusive Sponsor Email

Exclusive email communication highlighting your organization’s products or services.
FEE: $5,000 (only 3 available)

Newsletter Advertisement

product or service description in the NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE attendee Newsletter. (June 14, 15, 16)
FEE: $2,500

Fitness Breaks

Virtual fitness breaks will be included in the NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE meeting planner with sponsoring organizations logo. Breaks are conducted by a fitness professional every day of the meeting (3).
$2,500 for one day,
$5,000 for three days (full duration)

Registration Confirmation Advertisement

All NUTRITION 2022 registrants will receive a confirmation email including their meeting details with a sponsored advertisement. This email is sent to attendees that register for ANY event during the calendar year of NUTRITION 2022.
FEE: $10,000

Promote your organization in a two-sentence space directly in the Nutrition 2022 schedule planner during a pre-determined session break.
FEE: $2,500 (5 available)

Opportunities to Engage

Networking/Career Development Event(s)

Sponsor a networking and/or career development event in conjunction with an ASN Research Interest Section (RIS). Sponsoring organization has ability to work directly with RIS leadership to coordinate event.
FEE: $3,500

Postdoc and Young Professional Networking Event

ASN Early Career Nutrition (ECN) Interest Group is proud to organize their annual mixer for young professional and postdoctoral members, which will include an honored guest will speaker. This is an event designed for our early career members to network and discuss the challenges and victories associated with embarking on a career in the nutrition and dietetics field.
FEE: $3,500

Speed Mentoring Event

An event of ASN’s Student Interest Group (SIG) and Early Career Nutrition (ECN) Interest Group. This vibrant event is similar to the concept of speed dating and allows students an opportunity to speak with mentors from a variety of sectors (academia, industry, government, etc.) and gain insight into a variety of career paths. Students have the chance to rotate through several groups of mentors and participate in open networking, as well.
FEE: $5,000